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                作者:管理员    发布于:2016-11-08 12:42:28    文字:【】【】【
                摘要: 瑞士TESA是世界级的△量具、仪器制造商,其生产的〓测高仪、影像∩测量仪、数显千分尺、孔径量规∴等等产品享誉全球,深受各国制造者的喜爱。苏州斯文克精密测量设备有限公司作为苏州地区颇有影响力的销售量具、仪器的☆企业,专业代理销※售瑞士TESA测高仪、影像测量仪、卡尺以及相应产品的维修和售后。


                   ESA’s class-leading optical measuring systems combine modern design with advanced ergonomics for the ultimate in operating convenience.

                TESA Visio - 影像测量系统

                • Simple to use, compact high resolution video measuring system

                • 20x to 135x magnification

                • SVGA Touch Screen operation

                • Intuitive TESA-Touch software allows easy measurement of a wide variety of parameters, such as circles, distances, centre distance, perpendicularity, parallelism, etc.

                • Includes a function for component alignment

                • Measuring table 200 x 100mm or 300 x 100mm

                TESA Scan - non-contact measuring system

                • Dedicated non-contact opto-electronic measuring system that provides the complete solution for fast inspection of small round parts.

                • Flexible and fully automated

                • Powerful software to help the operator create part programs

                • Diameters, lengths, radii, intersection points, threads, concentricity, form errors, roundness etc.

                • Sizes:
                  25mm dia x 200mm long
                  50mm dia x 275mm long
                  50mm dia x 500mm long

                Precision 3D CMMs

                High-precision 3D coordinate measuring machines equipped with a motorised or indexing probe head along with a standard touch trigger probe. Includes styli, extension rods and a host of auxiliary accessories. Standard features include:

                • Robust slant bridge construction

                • Easy to use controller

                • Designed for multi-user installations

                • Fully installed with full training and warranty


                • Patented measuring system

                • Large, easy-to-read digital display

                • Models available with single function key, IP54 protection, with or without RS232 interface

                • Range: 0-30mm to 275-300mm


                • Basic workshop calipers 0 to 150mm

                • IP65 and IP67 protection, with or without RS232 interface

                • Range: 0 to 150mm to 0 - 1000mm




                Height gauges to suit all applications and budgets, from low-cost basic 1D models to state-of-art instruments, offering exceptional metrological capabilities, unmatched measuring power, performance and userfriendliness.

                • Measuring range: from 365mm to 920mm, increasing to 1300mm