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                作者:管理员    发布于:2019-08-22 16:24:19    文字:【】【】【
                摘要:BPV(Back presure vavle)螺纹是背压式螺纹,常见于石油【螺纹、矿山机械产品中,以石油机械中最为常见,且有一定的深度,在行业中又称¤为HBPV,H 型背压式螺纹。
                1-1/4”-4BPV,1-1/2”-4BPV,1-3/4”-4BPV,2”-4BPV,2-1/2”-4BPV,3”-4BPV,3-1/2”-4BPV,4”-4BPV,4-3/32”-4BPV,4-1/4”-4BPV,4-3/8”-4BPV,5”-4BPV,6-1/16”-2BPV, 6-1/8”-2BPV,6-5/16”-2BPV, 6-3/8”-2BPV

                API 6A BPV - Northern Gauge

                https://www.northerngauge.com ? api_thread_gauging ? api-6a-b...
                1-1/4" 4 BPV 90° LH NOGO PLUG GAUGE 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° LH ... 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° LH GO RING GAUGE 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° ... API Thread Gauging. API 11AX ...

                BPV – NPT threads Differential pressure relief valves Proportional ...

                www2.imi-hydronic.com ? Handlers ? FileDownloaderHandler
                2. BPV – NPT threads. Used in heating and cooling systems, the BPV proportional relief valve works quietly to ensure a minimum flow level in the pump while.

                Back Pressure Valve Gauge - Left Hand - Chinese API Thread Gage ...

                www.measurementool.com ? news ? html
                2018年11月23日 - 6" api 6a back pressure valve threads HBPV ... The standard for the H BPVgauge is owned by Cooper Cameron and the standard for the Atlas .

                Back Pressure Valve Cameron? Style “H & HM” Type - MCM Oil Tools

                www.mcmoiltools.com ? wp-content ? uploads ? 2016/10 ? MC...
                BPV are used during the inflation of Christmas Trees, BOP removal ... Q U A L I T Y. ?. D E L I V E R Y. ?. P R I C E. Seal ring. Maximum OD. Thread. Body. Valve.

                Srze,~Tv .: .Enclos~ - Scribd

                https://www.scribd.com ? document ? BPV-THREAD
                BPV THREAD - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. back pressure valve thread.

                Back-Pressure Valve installed in tubing hangers - Production ...

                https://production-technology.org ? back-pressure-valve
                2018年11月28日 - A BPV is set in a profile provided in the tubing hanger using a special ... For setting, the running tool is inserted into the right-hand thread at the ...

                API 6A BPV - NAB Gauge

                https://nabgauge.com ? nab_api_gauging ? api-6a-bpv
                1-1/4" 4 BPV 90° LH NOGO PLUG GAUGE 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° LH ... 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° LH GO RING GAUGE 1-1/2"-4 BPV 90° ... API Thread Gauging. API 11AX ...

                Type "H" BPV Thread Chasers/Taps | Cleveland Machine Company ...

                https://www.clevelandmachine.com ? type-h-back-pressure-valve...
                Since 1973, Cleveland Machine Company has Manufactured Type "H" BPV ThreadChasers/Taps. We Offer Great Prices and Excellent Customer Service.

                BPV Thread size - NASIOC

                https://forums.nasioc.com ? forums ? showthread
                2017年12月19日 - 2 个帖子 - ?2 位作者
                Does anyone know the thread size for the holes in the intercooler for the bpv Mine stripped I was just going to retap the hole. Thanks.
                The NO BOV/BPV thread. Not one or the other ...
                25 个帖子
                BPV problem. (Not your normal BOV thread!)
                14 个帖子
                Screw/thread size for the 2 screws that holds the ...
                8 个帖子
                BPV Bolt size/threads
                4 个帖子

                und Erdgastechnik - Back pressure valve setting - Robke Erd?l

                https://www.robke-erdoel-erdgas.de ? service ? back-pressure-val...
                pressure rating API 3.000 psi and 10.000 psi; crossover flanges for setting and pulling plug containers; BPV thread scrapers; BPV thread brushes.

                Back Pressure Valve Gauge - Left Hand - Deterco, Inc.

                https://www.detercoonline.com ? products ? back-pressure-valve-...
                Results 1 - 32 of 32 - Thread Inspection - Functional Size · THREADING INSERTS - API Chasers, Bars & Holders · Tool Joint to Drill Pipe Alignment Gauge ...

                Back Pressure Valve Gauge - Left Hand : 5 - 4 L.H. Back Pressure ...

                https://www.detercoonline.com ? products ? 5-4-l-h-back-pressur...
                Description. PMC LONE STAR 5" - 4 L.H. Back Pressure Valve, Go Plug Gauge (5"). Cameron Back Pressure Valve, Left Hand 90 deg. Thread Form Gauge.

                Tool-Flo API Threading and Grooving Inserts

                www.toolflo.com ? api-oil-gas
                As industry leaders in indexable tooling specifically designed for the oil & gas industry, Tool-Flo inventories all standard thread forms including API round, API ...

                Oil & Gas (API) | Vardex | Products | Vargus

                https://www.vargus.com ? oil-gas
                Solutions for Pipes and Couplings. Vardex's advanced threading solutions for the oil and gas industry, now include specialized solutions for tough and ...

                Bpv Threaded Tubing Hanger Tubing Head Suppliers, all Quality ...

                www.alibaba.com ? bpv-threaded-tubing-hanger-tubing-head-su...
                Bpv Threaded Tubing Hanger Tubing Head, Bpv Threaded Tubing Hanger ... 45mm R32 Hydraulic Thread rock mining drilling Button drill bit for hydraulic ...

                another BPV thread..... - Page 2 - Toyota Tacoma Forum

                www.customtacos.com ? forum ? 146955-another-bpv-thread-2
                Originally Posted by LilWhtTaco View Post i still want it to function as stock, so if there is a load it will automatically adjust With how little of.

                BOV's and BPV's (Read this before you start a thread on blowoff ...

                https://www.igotasubaru.com ? showthread.php ? 131-BOV-s-an...
                2011年12月14日 - 3 个帖子 - ?2 位作者
                In this write up I will attempt to explain the purpose of a Bypass Valve/Blow Off Valve (BPV/BOV) and what the differences are and how and ...

                      苏州斯文克精密测量设备∞有限公司坐落于古城苏州,是一家专业的进口仪器、量具、量规代理商。自2012年成立∑以来,涉及航空、核工业、汽车动力、石油机械、医疗卫生等领域。本着“诚信经营、合作双赢”的宗旨与◥西飞集团、派●克汉尼汾、泰钢合金等国际知名企々业建立了良好的合☉作关系,并取得了客户的认可。销售产品:美国PMC石油螺纹规,美国Vermont螺纹规,Sun-tec硬度块,Clark硬度计,Dorsey孔径量仪,Gagemaker石油螺纹单项仪≡,WESTport量规,SPI通用量具,Rex Gauge邵氏硬度计,Barcor倒角规,VTG螺纹规,德国LMW螺纹规,英国threadmaster螺纹规,瑞士Trimos测高仪,意大利marposs电子柱,美国Johnsongage螺纹测量仪√,日本测范社JPG螺纹牙规,德国Stotz测量ζ工作站,JBO螺纹规,德国IBR C200电子柱,美国GSG螺纹环规,NIST冲击标准试块,HBPV螺纹塞规,VR螺纹塞规,Sharp Vee,Cameron ball gage等。公司全体ζ 销售技术人员都拥有数年的一线计』量、测量实际经验,70%拥有机械、测试本科学历,期待您的光临。