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                Digital Model 4000

                   美国rex guage邵氏硬度计中国独家经销商,授权代理美国雷克斯邵氏硬度计,Digital Model 4000 分为Type A 和Type D两款型号,欢迎ξ前来选购。
                  其产品特征如下ξ :
                • Includes NIST Calibration Certificate
                • Conforms to ASTM D-2240, DIN 53505, ISO 868 and ISO 7619
                • 18mm Diameter Presser Foot
                • Large LCD Display
                • Maximum Reading Hold
                • Custom Made Carrying Case
                • Solid state circuitry with LCD display
                • High and low buttons for setting tolerance limits
                • Batteries Included
                • Response speed is immediate
                • Holds reading until reset
                • 0.1 resolution
                • Dial rotates up to 270°
                • Extra-Large Number Display
                • 200 Measurement Readings can be stored inside the indicator and viewed on the LCD
                • Capable of USB and RS232 Comminication with Rex Approved Cables
                    苏州斯文克精密测量设备有限公司销售Digital Model 4000 硬度计,价格优惠,交期短,欢迎前来咨询。我们将热诚为你服务,同时销售各类进口硬度块。