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                Easy To Use, Portable Rockwell Hardness Testing System For Use In All Metalworking Facilities.
                Flexbar introduces a unique new set of six specially shaped files, each with a non-slip grip, color-coded handle.The Rockwell value is printed on each handle and the files range from HRC 40 through HRC 65.
                Flexbar precision testing files have specially curved tips which can reach into internal slots, grooves and bores which cannot otherwise be tested using conventional types of fixed or portable hardness testers. They can be taken to out-of-factory sites to test for hardness on large structures or segments of machinery. For example large surface-hardened gears, large printing cylinders or weld zones of heat affected pipe lines which cannot be moved to a stationary tester.
                Model No. 18750, FLEXBAR HARDNESS TESTING FILE SET.
                Includes deluxe fitted case complete with instructions and conversion chart Rockwell C to Vickers.

                This new innovative file set provides a quick, inexpensive and simple way to check material hardness. No need to bring the material to be tested over to a hardness testing machine: Just bring this file set (6 files from 40 to 65HRC) to the piece to be tested.

                Follow these simple steps to test your material:

                1.  Start with the BLACK handle file (65 HRC) and run the file over the test material, the material is less than 65 HRC.

                2.  Try the BLUE handle (60 HRC): if it does not mark the material, the file is softer  than the material. In this case the material is between 60 and 65 HRC.

                3.  If the BLUE handle (60 HRC) did mark the material, simply try the GREEN file (55 HRC), LIGHT-GREEN file (50 HRC), and continue until the material is not marked. The approximate hardness of the material is between the file that marks the material and the file that slips over the material.

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