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                    PRETEC is leading and well established Swiss manufacturer supplying standard or customized products and systems in the dimensional metrology for more than forty years. This brochure focuses mainly on the electronic measuring probes that can be characterized as being Swiss technology, quality and high precision. PRETEC products offer a unique compatibility and modularity concept with other probes manufacturers. PRETEC large product range will for sure covers your application needs. A large choice of accessories and options are as well available whether as standard or customization.

                Our electronic probes features 
                ? Compatible with other manufacturers (TESA, etc.)
                ? Φ 8h6 mm probe stainless steel carbide-chromed housing
                ? Axial or radial cable exit 
                ? Measuring bolt guided on ball bearing (except 2952) 
                ? Special roller bearing locks the probe head against torsion 
                ? Mechanical or vacuum retraction 
                ? Pre/Post-travel setup from the back of the probe 
                ? Wide range of accessories available