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                     德国stotz 进口气动量仪是全球知名的气动量仪、电感量仪、非标量仪制造商,其生产的各类非标量仪广泛滴在博世、奔驰、宝马、保时捷╳等汽车工业生产中,精度高、稳定性好。

                the Stotz products, which include air and electronic gaging devices, to existing customers as well as development of new accounts. He will also be selling the complete product lines for Advanced Machine & Engineering and sister company, Hennig, Inc. Chris has worked in the air gaging industry for over 10 years and has been integral in the design and implementation of measuring systems from small table top devices to automated robotic manufacturing cells

                Stotz Feinmesstechnik GmbH has been a leader in gaging technology for almost 60 years. They design, manufacture and sell air-electronic gages and control devices. They are constantly striving to improve their designs and develop new products to solidify their position as a leader in new measuring technology. Numerous patents within the last few years have solidified their position as a trendsetter for new measuring technology and pneumatic measuring systems. Their diverse customer base covers many industries, including manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.




                  苏州斯文克精密测量设备有限公司可以提供德¤国stotz进口气动量仪、美国western gage气动量仪等全球知名进口气动量仪,包括非标测头、高精度校准件、高精度setting master等,期待您的咨询。