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                Dorsey Metrology投影仪
                美国dorsey metrology投影仪 型号:32SS


                32" (800mm) Vertical screen for optimum viewing of erect and correct image

                High resolution ground glass screen with calibration reticle, 90 degree cross lines and chart clips

                Machined chart ring with vernier protractor, 1 minute graduation facilitates optimal alignment

                6 position motorized lens turret with selector switch

                Coated telecentric parfocal optics

                Floor leveling screws and heavy duty steel feet

                Linear Scale Resolution 0.00025mm/.00001"

                Solid cast iron nickel plated stage

                Solid crossed roller stage system

                Triple universal dovetails

                36" x 8" Overall size

                500 lbs capacity

                18" X Axis motorized adjustment

                14" Y Axis motorized adjustment

                Joystick control in X, Y and Focus Axes

                ±15 Degree true parfocal helix stage adjustment, with 5 minute vernier

                Quartz halogen light source fan cooled and electronically dimmed for long lamp life

                Extra bright through lens surface illumination via LED

                NIST traceable calibration certificate

                2 Year limited warranty


                External edge detection

                Internal edge detection

                Output for electronic rotary screen protractor (Q axis) with selectable 1 minute or 1/100 of a degree resolution

                Choice of readout options

                CNC computer controlled readout systems

                24" extended stage travel on "X" axis

                Harsh Environment package

                Extended hood & curtains

                  美国dorsey metrology是一家专》业的投影仪制造商,所有配▃件均源自美国,产品性能稳定可靠╱,测量精度高、使用寿命长,深受国内的『用户喜爱。苏州斯卐文克精密测量设备有限公司代理美国dorsey metrlogy量仪,孔径规、snap gage,超大量仪,以及︽投影仪,有卧式、立式、根据尺寸有16",32"等等,欢迎前来咨▲询。同时代理美╲国GSG石油螺纹规、倒角规等。