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                   苏州斯文克精密测量设备』有限公司(Sowant Precison Gage Co.,Ltd)成立于2009年,先后落脚于苏州吴中区国家创业园、苏州吴中区甪直国家创业园;现已搬进新建设成立的吴淞江商务区。公司已代理销售各类进口螺纹量规、光面环塞规、陶瓷塞规、硬度计、涂层测厚仪等等量仪、量规,主要代理的品牌包括:DS太阳城手机版Hemco Gage石油螺纹规美国king便携式布氏硬度计Cameron ball密封槽球规@ 、陕西宏峰石油螺纹量规、日本三丰量具等等,欢迎前来咨询。公司一直遵循着薄利多销的原则、快速响应高端客户需求,引进先进量规、量仪设备。苏州斯文克精密测量设备有限公司经营的产品包含主要包括以下产品:

                 进口螺纹规DS太阳城手机版Hemco螺纹规PMC石油螺纹规(PMC Lone StarPMC Mercury螺纹规、美国Gage assembly螺纹规、Meyer Gage针规,美国Vermont螺纹、VTG螺纹规、sterling gage螺纹规、陕西宏峰石油螺纹规、德国LMW螺纹规、德国莱尔麦斯公司(LEHRMESS)量规、Van Keuren螺纹规Comtorgage量仪德国JBO螺纹规、板牙、德国stotz气动量仪德国stotz电子柱德国stotz工控机

                    Thread form accuracy is important if two connections are to make-up properly.  Using a Thread Profile Gage is a quick way to check your threads for proper form and pitch.

                Thread form is defined as its profile in an axial plane for a length of one pitch.  Simply place the correct form into the threads and by shining a light behind the profile, it’s possible to detect any signs or symptoms of a chipped insert.  A profile template that stands too far out of the threads or allows excess light to shine through can be an indication of lead error.  Sweeping the profile template along the helix of the threads helps find burrs and debris.  Profile gages can also be be used to detect steps, flat crested threads, stretched threads, wide first threads, or rolled over threads.

                Verifying thread form is a highly recommended practice industry wide for both straight and tapered thread manufacturers.