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                Hemco Gage-The Longer Lasting Gage! Your complete source for precision thread & cylindrical gages, standards and specials, including Ekonogage by Hemco pin gages. We offer our innovative "GageSaver Service", "A.S.A.P. Program" and "Calibration Service," and excellent prices. 2x to 5x the wear life means more holes gaged be dollar spent!

                PRODUCT CATEGORIES

                • EQUIPMENT
                  • MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT
                    • Gage Masters
                    • Gages
                      • Gages, Depth
                      • Gages, Fixed Limit (Go/No-Go)
                      • Gages, Fixed Limit Plug
                      • Gages, Fixed Limit Ring
                      • Gages, Fixed Limit Thread
                      • Gages, Fixture & Special Tooling
                      • Gages, Flush
                      • Gages, Handheld, Dimensional, Fixed & Variable
                      • Gages, Pin
                      • Gages, Plug & Ring, Cylindrical
                      • Gages, Plug & Ring, Thread
                      • Gages, Snap Fixed Limit
                      • Gages, Tapped Hole Location
                      • Gages, Thread
                      • Gages, Thread, Indicating
                      • Gages, Variable/Single Element Thread
                    • Wires, Thread Measuring
                • SERVICES
                  • CALIBRATION SERVICES
                    • Hard Gage Calibration
                    • Thread Inspection Services


                • The Longer Lasting Gage: HEMCOChrome
                • Thread Gages
                • Cylindrical Gages
                • American Petroleum Institute (API) Gages
                • Ekonogage by Hemco Pin Gages

                Precision Gaging for the Quality Control Industry
                The Longer Lasting Gage 
                H. E. Morse Co. (Hemco Gage) was founded in 1946 and shortly thereafter a unique plating process was developed. During the Korean War, Hemco Gage began manufacturing thread plug gages for the U.S. government. The unique plating process was applied to chrome plating of the gages, giving them up to 400% longer life than standard tool steel gages. The organization, now commonly known as Hemco or Hemco Gage, manufactures a full line of fixed limit gages and variable gages. Hemco manufactures and markets the Ekonogage by Hemco gage pin line. Hemco also manufactures gages to American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications and is one of only two manufacturers in the United States licensed to API Q1 to manufacture API Master Gages. Hemco’s products are recognized throughout the world for their longer life and outstanding quality. Hemco’s manufacturing facility is certified to ISO 17025 A2LA and is located in Holland, MI, USA. 

                We are a Veteran Friendly organization, with over 15% of our current full-time workforce being veterans or active duty reservists or National Guard. We have pledged our support for the National Guard and the Reserves through ESGR. In our benefits, we provide for the annual training and deployment of active duty personnel in the National Guard & Reserves. We are Bronze Certified by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

                  苏州斯文克精密测量设备○有限公司专业代理美国镀铬hemco gage螺纹量规,其寿命是普通量规⌒的4倍左右,是美国最具权威的Ψ 镀铬量规制造商,欢迎⊙前来咨询。同时我们代理美国gagemaker单项仪Cameron ball gage球规、API石油螺纹量→规↑、PMC螺纹规、sharp vee尖角量规、BPV螺纹规、德国schwenk孔径规等。