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                    Vermont Gage was formed in 1980. The Gage division manufactures a wide range of gage pins and sets. In 1989, the line expanded to include Class X which gave us the capacity to manufacture to tolerances within 20 millionths. Additionally, we have expanded the types of gages offered to our customers by adding taperlock gages, ring gages, and thread ring gages. Our Thread manufacturing division is in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky and our main manufacturing and sales operations have recently moved into our new state of the art facility in Swanton, Vermont. Vermont Gage manufactures 98% of the products we sell. Vermont Gage's success has been built on quality products, competitive price and delivery, technical expertise, innovative marketing, working with distributors and end users to develope value added programs.
                美國VERMONT GAGE設定∞規及調整式環牙規

                VERMONT GAGE Class ZZ Plus Pin Gage Inch Set
                0.0110" - 0.0600"


                • Marked with size and direction of tolerance on gages over .060".
                • Within .0001" round.
                • Material: 52100 tool steel
                • Hardness: Rc 60 - 62
                • Length: 2"
                • Finish: 10μ or better
                • Certificate of Accuracy included.

                VERMONT GAGE Class ZZ Plus Pin Gage Inch Set

                BrandVERMONT GAGE
                Size0.0110" ~ 0.0600"
                No. of Pieces50
                Model #101100200
                Application? Measure hole sizes quickly.
                Finish Coating10μ"or better
                For Use WithGo/No Go gaging
                HardnessRc 60-62
                Size Range0.0110" thru 0.0600" PLUS SET
                Tolerance_Decimal Inch+0.0002"
                Tool Material52100 Tool steel