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                Fowler 进口量仪

                美国Fowler Tools / Fowler High Precision
                Fowler Bore Gages
                Fowler Calipers
                Fowler Gage Blocks
                Fowler Height Gages
                Fowler Indicators
                Fowler Levels
                Fowler Micrometers

                Fowler High Precision, (formerly called the Fred V. Fowler Company), is located in Newton, Massachusetts and founded by Fred Fowler in 1946. The Fowler Slogan: Fowler Tools and Instruments - A standard of quality and accuracy. Fowler has 2 product ranges: the first being high-end measuring equipment from the US and Europe: Bowers, Sylvac, Trimos, Wyler and several more.  They also have an excellent economy line that is visible in theFowler Tool-A-Thon

                   苏州斯文克精密测量设备有Ψ 限公司代理美国Fowler 量具,欢迎前来咨询。