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                Wrentham Tool Group(简称WTG)是全球领先冷加◆工工具和量具的制造商,其制︻造产品的范围广泛,从简单的螺丝到高精度的航空零件产∮品及量具。Wrentham Tool Group(简称WTG)一直致力于短交期、高价值的产品的开发●与生产, 已经向全球知名的航空制造、医疗制造、紧固件行业提供了成千上万的产品。

                Wrentham Tool Group is a key supplier of recess heading tools to several major industries including but not limited to Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and cutting edge Hi-Tech. WTG manufactures recess punches for heading everything from simple galvanized steel wood screws to complex low profile titanium Aerospace screws. WTG has expanded its product line and offerings to include the latest fastener recess innovations such as MORTORQ?, MORTORQ? Super, HEXSTIX?, and TTAP? to assist our customers with troubleshooting the most difficult applications. WTG has most recently developed a new line of BLACK DIAMONDTM  Gages which are not only tough enough to stand up to the most punishing manufacturing conditions but are also elegant enough to be showcased as the highest quality precision instruments of their type available to the market.

                These gages are used to determine if recesses in the heads of screws are within the allowable tolerance specified in dimensional tables. These gages are available in PHILLIPS?  POZIDRIV?  QUADREX?  and Squarerecess types. The recess sizes available are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

                Other types such as MORTORQ?MORTORQ? Super, or TORQ-SET? can also be provided.

                These gages are used to check the driver fit in the screw recess. These are available in PHILLIPS?POZIDRIV?QUADREX?, and Square Recess types. The recess sizes available are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

                Upon request test blocks can be made for other recesses such as  TORX?MORTORQ?, and MORTORQ? Super.

                Note: Available with either English or Metric Dial Indicators.

                These gages are used to check driver fit on a "GO-NO GO"basis. These gages are available in PHILLIPS?,  POZIDRIV?QUADREX?, and Square recess types. The recess sizes available are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

                Upon request test blocks can be made for other recesses such as  TORX?, MORTORQ? and MORTORQ? Super.

                Test blocks are used to measure the amount of torque exerted on driver bits in inspection procedures. These are readily available in PHILLIPS?POZIDRIV? and Squarerecesses. The most common sizes are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Upon request test blocks can be made for other recesses such as  TORX?MORTORQ? and MORTORQ? Super.

                ·        Carbide Hexagon Washer Head Inserts

                ·        Coatings

                ·        Coning Punches

                ·        Conventional Hammers

                ·        Dies, Carbide

                ·        DIN PHILLIPS?, POZIDRIV? & 1A Standards

                ·        Draw Bolts

                ·        Extrusion Pins

                ·        Gages - PHILLIPS?, POZIDRIV?, 1A, QUADREX? & Square Socket

                ·        General Information

                ·        Getting Maximum Results

                ·        Header Die Casings

                ·        Header Die Casings

                ·        Hex Indented Punches

                ·        Hex Pins - PHILLIPS?

                ·        Hex Pins - Plain

                ·        Hex Pins - POZIDRIV?

                ·        Hex Pins - Struck Slot

                ·        Hexagon Inserts

                ·        Hexagon Recess Tooling

                ·        Hexagon Washer Head Punch Casings

                ·        Hexlobe Gage Catalog

                ·        HEXLOBE? Punch Pins

                ·        HEXLOBE? Punches

                ·        History

                ·        IFI Metric Standards

                ·        Knives - Carbide Cut-Off

                ·        Knock-Out Pins

                ·        MORTORQ?

                ·        MORTORQ? Super

                ·        PHILLIPS? & POZIDRIV? Standards

                ·        POZIDRIV? Recess

                ·        Punch Adaptors

                ·        Punch Casings - Press Fit

                ·        Punch Numbers - Numerically with Description

                ·        QUADREX? Punches

                ·        Quills, Carbide

                ·        Reamers - Carbide

                ·        Semi-Finished Carbide Inserts

                ·        Slotting Saws

                ·        Spring Punch Bushings & Backing Plugs

                ·        Spring Punches

                ·        Square Socket Recess

                ·        Struck Slot Hammers

                ·        TORQ-SET? Punches

                ·        TORX? Punch Pins

                ·        TORX? Punch Pins Holders

                ·        TORX? Punches

                ·        TRI-WING? Punches

                ·        Two Piece Punches



                苏州斯文克精密测量设☉备有限公司专业提供Wrentham Tool Group(简称WTG)的全系列产品▓,欢迎前来咨询,包括梅花通止规↘、六角通止规、梅花深度规、所有产品均包含原厂的计量检测报告,期待您的咨询。13862064056(微信同号)


                螺丝↑孔深度规(Penetration gage




                螺丝孔插规(Plug gage


                这些插规被使用在与各式穴〓型的配合。许多螺丝同业应∑用于螺丝孔之实配比对,以便于了解穴号是否正确,以及检㊣ 视打头冲具是否有异常磨损。供应十字、米字、及四角孔,规格包含0号、1号、2号、3号、4号。


                原厂保证书(Gage certification